“The symbiotic link between the family and the company is interesting and the interview captured a lovely truth.”
Charlie Field| Burgess Hill


Recording a Spoken Memoir offers the opportunity to record a personal account of the history of your company, thus creating a valuable addition to your existing company archive as well as a legacy for the future.

We will carefully plan and conduct an interview with you and other key members of your company if you wish.  Creating a Spoken Memoir will record not only how things happened historically but also why certain decisions were made and what the thinking was behind those decisions, thus adding to the story the insights and subtleties which are not written down.

We will present your Spoken Memoir in a beautiful gift box along with some photographs of your choice.

The Spoken Memoir you create will enable good communication of your unique story both within the company and externally but will also provide future generations with understanding and insight into the history of your business.

Many people find that recording the history of their business can be an ideal way of celebrating a milestone, an anniversary or a key change within the company.  A Spoken Memoir can also be a great retirement gift, providing the opportunity to reflect back at the end of one’s working life.

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I would highly recommend this to any family who has grand children and great grandchildren as a lovely way of preserving the memories of the older members of the family unit.”
Shirley Archer|East Sussex

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