Recording a Spoken Memoir will be simple and straightforward to arrange, enjoyable to do and will create a lasting record of your memories.

Frequently asked questions

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have about our service but here are some frequently asked questions which you may find helpful.
What will we talk about in the interview?
We will carefully plan your interview, based on the information you provide us with beforehand. During the interview, we will prompt you with questions and guide you through the process. We hope you will just be able to relax and enjoy the experience.
What will happen on the day of the interview?

This depends on whether your have a face to face interview or a Zoom interview. If your interview is face to face we will come to your home (or a place of your choice) to do the interview. We will need a little time beforehand to set up our equipment. If your interview is on Zoom we will send you a link in advance. In both cases we will have an initial relaxed chat before we start. When you’re ready, we’ll begin the interview and we’ll talk for a couple of hours. We usually ask people to set aside three hours for the whole thing.  

Will you edit the interview?
We will listen through the interview afterwards and make only minor edits to get rid of any coughs or similar.
What will I receive after the interview?

Your interview will be presented in a gift box on a USB. We will also send you a downloadable version of the interview which can be shared with friends and family members. We can send out extra copies of your Spoken Memoir if you wish (please consult our Pricing page if you wish to know more about this service.)

Step by step guide
I enjoyed immensely listening to my father’s Spoken Memoir and I was deeply moved by some of his recollections and feel in some way I know and understand him better.” Shirley Archer | East Sussex